When words matter to you

Businesses like yours need reliable and talented writers who can conduct professional interviews and thorough research. They need business-to-business writers who can create interesting and imaginative copy for any media including radio, newspaper, online, newsletters and more. They need B2B writers who enjoy a challenge, who have experience, who show initiative and who demonstrate a proven ability to meet deadlines.

Trudy Kelly Forsythe is one of those writers.

Trudy is an award-winning journalist with over two decades of professional writing experience. She loves to write and she would love to write for you. She is a positive, friendly and self-motivated person who can manage timelines and commitments. She is a skilful researcher and interviewer and she is always willing to learn, be it about new subjects or new technologies, to help meet her clients’ needs better.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a project with Trudy, contact her now.

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